5.3  Additional Questions :

Answer the following questions :

1)  What made the construction of large structures easier and faster?
Limestone cement was increasingly used in construction. This was very high quality cement which, when mixed with stone chips hardened into concrete. This made construction of large structures easier and faster.

2)  What do you mean by “accurate”?
The weight of the superstructure above the doors and windows was sometimes carried by arches. This architectural form was called accurate .

3)  What did Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni used to do to defeated kings?
Ans: Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni during his campaigns in the subcontinent attacked the temples of defeated kings and looted their wealth and idols .

4)  Why temples and Mosque were built by kings?
Temples and Mosque was built to demonstrate the power, wealth and devotion of the Patron.

5)  What did Babur described in his autobiography ?
Babur described that he was interested in planning and laying out formal garden placed within rectangular walled enclosures and divided into four quarters by artificial channels.

6)  What was the speciality of the “Bangla Dome”?
The roof of the “Bangla Dome” resembled a thatched hut .

7)  Why did the Shah Jahan build the Taj Mahal on the river bank?
Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal on the river bank because to control the access that nobles had to the river .

8)  Why was limestone cement increasingly used in building constructions in this period?
Limestone cement was increasingly used because it was the high quality cement which made structure easier and faster.

9)  What was known as “Eight paradises”?
The Humayun’s tomb was placed in the centre of a huge formal Chahar Bagh and built in the Tradition known as “eight paradises”.