(1)  Name the Secret Committee formed by the people to unify Italy?
Ans :
The Secret Committee formed by the people unify Italy was  “Carbonari “.

(2)  There was widespread discontent among the Italian people?
Ans :
There was widespread discount in Italy because.
(1) Italy was divided into eight small state and the states.
(2) Lombardy and Venetia were given to Austria.

(3)  Count Covour worked for Italy’s reunification.
Ans :
Count Covour worked for Italy reunification because :
(1) In 1850, count Covour was appointed Minister of commerce and agriculture of “Sardinia”.
(2) In 1852, he was appointed as the Prime Minister of Piedmont.

(4)  The ruler of Rome, Pope Pius IX was liberal in his political ideas.
Ans :

(1) He accepted the demands of the people.
(2) He introduced many reforms in the administration.

(5)  Italians were interested in nationalism as in liberalism.
Ans :

(1) The natural result of the changed conditions of Italy were deep and the discontent was spread far and wide.
(2) This discontent led the people to fight against the autocracy and They wanted to unify Italy into one nation.

(6)  King Charles Albert was defeated by Austria at Novara on 28th March 1849.
Ans :

(1) The unity of the Italian leaders soon began to dissolve .
(2) The Pope and other rulers withdrew their armies from the battle field.