(1)  Gandhiji called off the Non co-operation movement Chauri Chaura in 1922.
Ans :

(1) In 1922, the police opened fire on an unarmed crowd at Chauri Chaura .
(2) The people were enraged and set fire to the police station.
(3) Gandhiji realised that the movement had become violent so he called off the movement.

(2)  The muslims in India formed the Khilafat Committee.
Ans :
(1) The Kaliph of Turkey was the religious head of the muslims all over the world.
(2) After the first world war Treaty of Sevres was imposed on Turkey leading to disintegration of the Turkish empire.(3) To protest against the British government in India.

(3)  The Indian criticized the Rowlatt Act as the Black Act.
Ans :
(1) Rowlatt Act authorised the British officers to arrest any one even on suspicion only.
(2) They could imprison Indians without trial.

(4)  Tilak was called The maker of “Modern India”.
Ans :

(1) Tilak started celebrations like Shiva Jayanti and Ganesh Festival to bring the masses together.
(2) He spread the feelings of Nationalism.
(3) He started the news paper like “Kesari”.
(4) Laid the foundation for mass participation in freedom struggle.

Fill in the blanks:

(1) An uprising against British role in 1879, was started by Vasude Balwant Phadte.

(2) The plague commissioner of Poona W.C Rand was shot by Damodar  Chapekar.

(3) The first secretary of Indian National Congress was Kashinath Trimbak Telang .

(4) Allan Octavian Hume played at key role in foundation of Indian National Congress.

(5) The partition of Bengal in year 1905 was done by Lord Cruzon .

(6) Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on 13 April 1919 .

(7) The Indian freedom fighter who was brutally lathi charged during the Simon commission was Lala Rajpat Rai .

(8) In 1942 Mahatma Gandhi started Quit India Movement .

(9) The slogan “do or die” was given by Gandhiji.