Answer the following questions :

1.  How do you test for starch in your food items?
Put 2-3 drops of dilute iodine solution on the food item. Observe the change in the colour of the food item. If it turns blue-black then it indicates the presence of starch.

2.  How do you test for proteins in your food items?
Make a paste or powder of the food item by grinding or mashing it. Put some it in a clean test tube. Add 10 drops of water to it and shake the test tube. Now add 2 drops of solution of copper sulphate solution and 10 drops of solution of caustic soda to the test tube. Shake it well and let it stand for a few minutes. Contents of the test tube turn violet indicating presence of protein in the food item.

3.  How do you test for Fats in your food items?
Take a small quantity of the food item. Wrap it in a piece of tissue paper and crush it. Make sure the paper does not tear. Observe whether it has an oily patch. An oily patch on the paper shows that the food item contains fat.

4.  What are body building foods?
Proteins are needed for the growth and repair of our body. Foods containing proteins are often called “ body building foods”.

5.  Name the different kinds of Vitamins (any 5).
Ans :

(i) Vitamin A                         (ii) Vitamin B
(iii) Vitamin C                       (iv) Vitamin D
(v) Vitamin E and                 (vi) Vitamin K .

6.  Mention foods rich in water.
Foods rich in water are:
(i) Water melon            (ii) Orange
(iii) Apple                       (iv) Blueberry
(v) Tomato                     (vi) Cucumber
(vii) Spinach                  (viii) Strawberry
(ix) Carrot                      (x) Pomegranate .

7.  What is a balanced diet?
A diet which contains all the nutrients that our body needs, in the right quantities along with a good amount of roughage and water, is called a balanced diet.

8.  Why vegetables and fruits should not be washed after cutting or peeling it?
Vegetables and fruits should not be washed after cutting or peeling them because all the vitamins and minerals along with water gets washed away. So eating the food without the nutrients is of no use.

9.  What are deficiency diseases?
Diseases that occur due to lack of nutrients over a long period of time are called deficiency diseases.