1. Why did Prem leave his village?
Ans:-  The communal riots in his village made life unsafe in the village.The people burnt houses and killed one another. So Prem left his village.

2. What surprised Prem in Pambupatti  village?
Ans:-  Prem had seen people in his village fighting in the name of religion or language. But in Pambupatti there was no violence and people lived in peace.  They even cared for the welfare of strangers. This surprised Prem.

3. What happened to the reptiles in the forest once?
Ans:-  The reptiles in the forest included crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles. Makara being strong drove all the reptiles from the forest.

4. How did the forest become normal and peaceful again?
Ans:-  The crocodiles were having a terrible time with rats, frogs and insects jumping all over them and the forest. A small crocodile pointed this out and made everyone aware that Makara was not so strong . They called all their reptile friends back to Pambupatti. Their arrival marked the beginning of normal and peaceful life again in the forest.

5. What is the moral and message in this story at Pambupatti?
Ans :-  This world belongs to all  kinds of creatures. All creatures are useful in their own ways. We should all live peacefully irrespective of any religion or language. Man should not kill any creature as all creatures are useful to the environment we live in.