1.  Why was south India famous for during ancient period.
Ans :  South India was famous for gold, spices, especially pepper and precious stones.

2.  Why did the poet compose poems in praise of chiefs.
Ans : 
The chiefs did not collect regular taxes. Instead, they demanded and received gifts from people. They also went on military expeditions, and collected tribute from neighbouring areas. They kept some of the wealth and distributed the rest among their supporters, including members of their family, soldiers and poets. Many poets whose compositions are found in the Sangam collection composed poems in praise of chiefs who often rewarded them with precious stones, gold, horses, elephants, chariots and fine cloth.

3.  How did silk became expensive in Asia about 2000 years ago.
Ans : 
 Silk became very expensive, as it had to be brought all the way from China, along dangerous roads, through mountains and deserts. People living along the routs often demanded payments allowing traders to pass through.

4.  How did wearing silk became the fashion among the rulers.
Ans :
  Techniques of making silk were first invented in China. Some people from China who went to distant lands carried silk with them. The paths they followed came to be known as silk route.Sometimes, Chinese rulers sent gifts of silk to rulers in Iran and west Asia, and from there ,the knowledge of silk spread further west. This made wearing silk fashion among the rulers and rich people in Rome.

5.  Who were bodhisattvas in Buddhism.
Ans:  Bodhisattvas were supposed to be persons who had attained enlightenment. Once they attained enlightenment ,they could live in complete isolation and meditate in peace.

Define the following :

 (1) Muvendor            –    Muvendor is a Tamil word meaning three chiefs, used for the heads of three ruling families, the cholas, cheras and Pandyas.

(2) Kushanas              –    Kushanas are the ruler who controlled silk route effectively

(3) Buddhacharita   –    Buddacharita is biography of the Buddha.

(4) Bhakti                    –       Bhakti means a persons devotion to his/her chosen deity.

(5) Pilgrim                  –     Man and woman who undertake journeys to some sacred places to offer prayers.

Fill in the blanks:

(1) Pepper was known as black gold in the Roman Empire.

(2) In the western India satavahanas dynasty become powerful.

(3) A new form of Buddhism, known as Mahayana Buddism ,  was developed around 1900 years ago.

(4) Nalanda (Bihar) was the most famous Buddhist monastery of the period.

(5) Puhar was an important port on the east coast.

Tick the correct answer :

(1) Faxian began his journey back home form ____________ .

(1) Mathura                              (3) Bengal 
(2) Eastern coast                     (4) North

(2) The capital of Pandyas was   ______________ .

(1) Pattiputra                             (3) Madurai   
(2) Ujjain                                   (4) Mudumalai

(3) The older from of Buddhism was known as _________ .

(1) Mahayana                             (3) Nalanda
(2) kanishka                           (4) Dakshinapatha

(4) The rulers who ruled over central Asia and north west India around 2000 years ago were _______    .

(1) Pandyas                             (3) Kushanas 
(2) Cholas                                (4) Cheras

(5) The idea of Bhakti is present in the ________ , a sacred book of  the Hindus.

(1) Bhagavat Gita                 (3) The Mahabharata
(2) The Ramayana                   (4) The Bible