(1)  Which rank do Cabinet Ministers have in the Council of Ministers.
Ans :
The state cabinet is the most powerful authority in the state administration.

(2)  What is the composition of the council of Ministers.
Ans :
The total number of ministers including the Chief Minister in the council of Ministers in a state shall not exceed fifteen percent of the Legislative Assembly of the state.

(3)  What is the position and role of Governor.
Ans :

(1) The Governor is the constitutional Head of the state and an agent of the central government in a state.
(2) He is an integral part of the state Legislature, although he is not a member.

(4)  What are the qualifications of a Governor.
Ans :

(1) The person must be citizen of India.
(2) He must not be less than 35 year of age.
(3) He must not hold any office of profit.

Tick the Correct Answer :

(1)  Who appoints the Chairman of the state public service commission.
(a) Governor √                    (b) Law Minister            (c) Education Minister

Ans : Governor.

(2)  Who appoints the Judges of the Session Court.
(a) Speaker                     (b) Law Minister                (c) Governor √

Ans : Governor.

(3)  Who leads the Council of Ministers in the state.
(a) Governor                 (b) Chief Minister √              (c) Speaker

Ans : Chief Minister

(4)  Who imposes President’s rule in the state.
(a) Chief Minister           (b) President  √               (c) Governor

Ans : President

(5)  Who is the real head in a state.
(a) Governor                    (b) Chief minister √         (c) Speaker

Ans : Chief Minister.

(6)  Who is the nominal head in a state.
(a) Governor √                 (b) Chief Minister           (c) Speaker

Ans : Governor

(7)  What is the maximum term of the Council of Ministers .
(a) 3 years                      (b) 4 years                         (c) 5 years √

Ans : 5 years.

(8)  Who presents budget in the legislative Assembly .
(a) Education Minister         (b) Chief Minister            (c) Finance Minister √

Ans : Finance Minister

(9)  To be member of Legislative Council  one must have completed the age of .
(a) 18                                   (b) 25                          (c) 30 √

Ans : 30

(10)  Who appoints the judges of the High Court.
(a) President √                    (b) Vice President           (c) Speaker

Ans : President.