I.  Fill in the blanks :

(1)  The Governor appoints the ministers on the advice of the Chief minister.

(2)  The council of Ministers in a state is collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly.

(3)  The state cabinet meetings are presided over by the Chief minister.

(4)  The real lead of the state is Chief Minister.

II.  Answer in one sentence:

(1)  Who selects the ministers for appointment in the state.
Ans : 
Chief Minister.

(2)  How many council of ministers do we have in Goa.
Ans : 

(3)  Who appoints the Chief Minister.
Ans : 

III.  Write brief answers of the following :

(1)  How is the Chief Minister appointed.
Ans :

(1) The Governor calls the leader of the majority party or an alliance of parties to form the Government.
(2) The person who commands the majority support in the state legislative Assembly is appointed as the Chief Minister by the Governor.

(2)  What is the composition of legislative Council.
Ans :

(1) The Legislative council is composed of partly elected and partly nominated members .
(2) Of the total members are nominated by the Governor and the rest are indirectly elected.
(3) Another are elected by the members of the Legislative assembly.

(3)  What are the discretionary powers of the Governor.
Ans :

(1) When the Governor resumes a bill for consideration of the President, he again uses his discretionary powers .
(2) The discretionary powers of the Governor are meant for extraordinary and emergency situations.

(4)  What powers are exercised by the Governor :
i)  Executive powers :
Ans :
(1) He not only appoints the Chief Minister but on his advice appoints the members of the council of ministers.
(2) He appoints the advocate General chairman and members of the state public service commission.
(3) He appoints Judges of the Courts, other than the High Court.

ii)  Legislative powers :
Ans :
(1) The Governor summons and prorogue the sessions of the state Legislative and he can dissolve the legislative and he can dissolve the legislative Assembly.
(2) He may nominate one member from the Anglo Indian community to the Legislative Assembly, if they are duly represented.
(3) The annual budget of the state government is laid before the legislature with the approval of the Governor.

iii)  Financial powers :
Ans :
(1) No money bill can be introduced in the state Legislative Assembly without prior permission of the Governor.
(2) The Contingency fund of the state is placed at his disposal.