Match the children with what they enjoy the most:-

Names of children                                   What they like to do.
1.        Radha                                                  controls  his anger.
2.        Nasir                                                    likes to travel places.
3.       Rohit                                                     wants to be a Prime Minister
4.        Serbjit                                                   likes to climb trees.
5.        Dolma                                                   likes to preserve seeds.
6.        Peter                                                     likes to go for  a movie on Sundays.


  1. Radha —- likes to climb trees.
  2. Nasir —–  likes to preserve seeds.
  3. Rohit —–likes to travel places.
  4. Serbjit —-  controls his anger.
  5. Dolma —— wants to be a Prime Minister.
  6. Peter —–  likes to go for a movie on Sundays. 
  1. What should you be good at to become the following?
    i) botanist ii) filmmaker    iii) chemical engineer     iv) journalist   v)  social worker
    vi) dancer vii) musician   viii)  teacher                    ix) sculptor     x) scientist.

Answers :

(i) Botanist – should be good at outdoor activities.
(ii) Filmmaker — should be creative in writing.
(iii) Chemical engineer— should be good in physics and maths.
(iv) Journalist ——- should be good in languages.
(v) Social worker —- should be good in demanding their rights.
(vi) Dancer —– should express his / her emotions.
(vii) Musician —- should know to compose music.
(viii) Teacher —- should be able to solve all problems of children.
(ix) Sculptor —– should be good in sketching and painting.
(x) Scientist —– should be good in conducting experiments.