Q1. Who were wrongly blamed for the theft of the bananas?

Ans.  The bananas were stolen again and again. First of all, they blamed the servants for eating all the fruits. The next time, the narrator himself was blamed for the theft.

2. Give a character sketch of Kari

Ans. Kari, the elephant, lived in a pavilion under a thatched roof. Once he saved the life of a drowning boy with the narrator’s help. He was fond of tasty eating twigs. He enjoyed rolling in the sand and bathing in the river. He was  a clever elephant. He called narrator when he saw a boy drowning in the river. He helped the narrator to save the drowning child. He was also naughty and took pleasure in making mischief. He loved ripe bananas. He used to steal the bananas. He was willing to be punished for his misdeeds. He was a slow but good learner like a child.