1. Why did the author buy the desk which was in a bad condition

Ans: The author bought the desk because he had always wanted to get a desk but they were too expensive. Now he got it cheap and he thought he could restore it  to its original glory.

  1. How did the author find Jim’s letter. What did it contain.

Ans. The author found Jim’s letter in the secret drawer of the roll- top desk. It contained a small black tin box with a letter in it.

  1. What could be the reason for the house to be on fire.

Ans. No one really knew the reason for how the fire had started but it could be because of candles as Mrs. Macpherson used candles rather than electricity.

  1. How was Mrs. Macpherson as described by the man to the author.

Ans. The old man told the author that Mrs. Macpherson was a lovely lady, a bit muddle head because of her age as she was a hundred and one years old.

Complete the following sentences:

  1. I paid the man an d bought it back to my work room at the back of the garbage.
  2. All along their line and ours. I could see men walking slowly towards one another.
  3. In the middle of the war we were making peace.
  4. Hans and Jim looked on cheered, clapping hand and stamping our feet to keep out the cold as much as anything.
  5. Mrs. Jim Macpherson used candles because she always thought electricity was too expensive.