1.   Why did Anne say the entire class was quaking in its boot ?
Ans: Anne said the entire class was quaking in its boots as in the forthcoming meeting the teachers would decide who’ll move up to the next form and who will be kept back.DUe to this decision taking meeting all the children were frightened.

2.   Why does Anne call teachers as most unpredictable creatures on earth ?
Ans: Anne calls teachers as most unpredictable creatures on earth because no one knows what result will be given by them to the different students.

3.  What was the essay assigned to Anne and what does she write in that essay ?
Ans: The essay that was assigned to Anne was on the subject A Chatterbox. Anne thought and thought over this subject and finally wrote three pages. She wrote that talking is a students trait and this trait she had inherited from her mother. So she will never be able to cure it but try her best to control it.

4.   Who helped Anne bring about originality in the second essay ?
Ans: Anne wanted to write something new something original. Her friend Sanne offered to help her write the essay from beginning to the end in verse.

Complete the following:

1. Anne Frank kept a diary because she did not have a true friend to confide in.

2. The old fogey was annoyed with me for ages because I talked too much.

3. Maybe its my fault that we don’t confide in each other.

4. I am not planning to let anyone read this stiff backed note book unless I should ever find a real friend.