1. What pact did Saeeda make with the sun?
Ans:- As Saeeda’s mother was not well, she requested the rays of the sun to come the next day with lots of warmth. This pact she made with the sun.

2. What assurance did the sunrays give to Saeeda?
Ans:- The sunrays assured Saeeda that they would reach the earth at the fixed hour the next morning.

3. Why did the sun ask the rays to stay up in the sky?
Ans:-  The pathway to the earth was blocked by thick, dark clouds. The sun warned the rays to keep clear of the dark clouds. But the rays got through the clouds and thus gave warmth to the earth.

4. How did Saeeda’s mother feel when the rays gave their warmth?
Ans:- Saeeda’s mother felt the sun on her face and she breathed in the fresh air. Her eyes shone bright and she started recovering  fast.

Fill in the blanks:-

1. ——– and —– are essential for good health.

2. Saeeda made a pact with the —– to warm up her —– mother.

3. Saeeda’s mother was first treated by a —— and then she went to a ——.

4. —— and ——- are more important than medicines.

5. Saeeda’s mother was depressed because the sky remained ——.

6. The road to earth was blocked by ——-.

7. Saeeda rejoiced with joy when she saw the —– coming.

8. After sitting out in the sun , Saeeda’s mother’s face — and her eyes—.

9. Saeeda’s mother follows the doctor’s advice which is an — of sunlight and —- of fresh air.

10. The specialist gave Saeeda’s mother —— medicine and  sound ——.


i) Healthy food and fresh air.                     ii) Sun, Sick                     iii)  Physician,  Specialist

iv) Fresh air and sunshine                          v) Overcast                       vi)  Thick ,Mucky Clouds

vii)  Sunrays                                                  viii)  Glowed ,  Shone      ix)  Hour,  Lungful

x)  Effective, Sound