1. What did Vijay Singh look like?
Ans ;-  Vijay Singh was a wrestler who was unbeatable. He had big shoulders and strong arms. He was so tall that he looked like a giant.

2. What shortcoming did Vijay Singh have?
Ans;-  Vijay Singh’s shortcoming was that he was in the habit of boasting. He wished to fight with a ghost and teach him a lesson.

3. Who helped Vijay Singh to defeat the ghost?
Ans:- An old woman helped Vijay Singh to fight against the ghost. She gave him a packet  which contained a lump of salt and an egg. These two things helped him to fool the ghost.

4. How did Vijay Singh insult the ghost ?
Ans:- Vijay Singh insulted the ghost by using words like plain, lying ghost, worthless ghost and a rascal of a ghost.

5. Why was the wrestling match strange?
Ans :- The wrestling match was strange because it was a fight between  a man and a ghost. Vijay Singh was a boastful wrestler and so he decided to fight the ghost in a haunted deserts. He won the match because of his wit and wisdom.

6. How did the ghost manage to run away from Vijay Singh?
Ans:- The ghost invited Vijay Singh to his cave. He planned to kill  Vijay Singh when he was sleeping. Vijay Singh kept a bolster on the bed and the ghost thinking that it was Vijay Singh on the bed  hit it  with his club, and thought that he was dead. But Vijay Singh from behind came out and faced the ghost.  The ghost panicked and fled from the cave leaving all his wealth behind .