1.  Which tea gives the best tea ?
The second flush or sprouting period that lasts from May to July yields the best tea.

2.   Why was Pranjol not very excited to see the tea garden ?
Pranjol was born and brought up on a plantation farm so it was not something new to him as it was for Rajvir. He was used to seeing this every day

3.   How was the scene outside as they were travelling ?
  The scene outside was magnificent.Against the backdrop of densely wooded trees there was a sea of tea bushes. There were tall , sturdy shade-trees and amidst them rose  doll like figures of smoke going out of tall chimneys.

4.  Which was the tea estate mentioned in the lesson ‘tea from Assam’ ?
The state mentioned is Dhekiabari tea estate which was managed by Pranjol’s father.

Complete the following sentences:

1. Tea came to Europe only in the 16th century and was drunk more as medicine than as beverage.

2. The boys collected their luggage and pushed their way to the crowded platform.

3. Pranjol’s father slowed down to allow a tractor pulling a trailer load of tea leaves to pass.

4. No one really knows who discovered tea but there are many legends.