1.  What kind of water did the Chinese emperor drink  ?
: The Chinese emperor drank boiled water.

2. Why did Bodhidharma cut off his eyelids ?
  There is an Indian legend that Bodhidharma an ancient Buddist ascetic cut off his eye lids, he did so because he felt sleepy during meditations.

3. Which state did Pranjol belong to ?
Pranjol belonged to the state of Assam (North Eastern).

4. Describe the scenery outside the train. Where were Pranjol and Rajvir going in the  train ?
There were green green forests everywhere. Rajvir had never seen such greenery before. Against the backdrop of the densely populated hills a sea of tea bushes stretched as far as eye could see.Among these tea shrubs were tall sturdy shade trees.Both of them were  going to a tea estate in Assam where  Pranjol’s father was the manager of a tea garden in upper Assam.

5. What did they see on both sides of the gravel road ?
While travelling they saw acres and acres of tea bushes. They were all neatly pruned to the same height. There were groups of tea pluckers with bamboo baskets on their back.These workers were wearing plastic aprons and were plucking the tea leaves.

6. Why was Pranjol’s father surprised ?
  Pranjol’s father was surprised when Rajvir showed how much he knew about tea. He said that it was the second flush or sprouting period and that it lasted from May to July that gave the best tea.

7. At what station did the boys stop and who received them ?
The boys got down at Mariani junction. Pranjol’s parents received them.

8. What are the two legends about tea.
  There are two legends about tea:

i) Chinese legend        (ii) Indian Legend.

Chinese legend :
The Chinese emperor always boiled water before drinking it. One day a few leaves of the plant  fell into the pot of water that was being boiled for the Emperor. It gave a delicious flavour. These were tea leaves.

Indian Legend:
Bodhidharma a Buddist monk cut off his eyelids because he fell sleepy during meditations. Ten tea plants grew out of his eyelids. These leaves when put in hot water banished sleep.