GRAMMAR  (Letter writing):

Classification of letters.

  1. Informal letter:- including letter to friends, relatives and acquaintances.
  2. Formal letters :- including letters of application, business letters, letters to editors and official letters.

In all kind of letters there are six points to be attended to:

  • Heading (consisting of writer’s address and date)
  • Salutation or greeting.
  • Content or body of the letter.
  • Complimentary close.

(a) Informal letter.


  • Informal letters are written to friends, relatives and social friends.
  • Everything starts from the left hand side.
  • There is always a standard beginning and a standard conclusion.
  • Letter is divided into minimum three paragraphs.

1. Write a letter to your elder sister on her birthday. She is away from home preparing for an engineering entrance exam.


340, Sector No: 10

Urban Estate


16th  July 20XX

Respected Didi,

Kindly accept my heartiest congratulation on the occasion of your coming birthday. This is for the first time that you won’t  be with us on your birthday. However, I sincerely wish that you get admission in some good engineering college. You  have been working very hard for it.

Well, let me know how do you plan to celebrate your birthday? I wish I were with you. I have bought a small present for you which I am sending through our cousin brother Ravi who will be coming tomorrow. I hope you will like it.

With lots of love and good wishes.

Your loving sister,


(b) Formal letter.


  • Everything begins from the left hand margin and one line space is left between two parts.
  • There are no commas used anywhere in the format except in the body of the letter.
  • The month and the date should be written as 08 Jan 16 or 8 January 2016 or 8th January 2016.
  • The  greeting could be Dear sir / Madam or Dear Mr.—- or just Sir. ( avoid respected sir)
  • “Thanking you” is used only if a request has been made.
  • If you know the person (e.g. the Principal as in an application) end the letter with “Your sincerely”. If you do not know the person (e.g. editors , publisher, etc.) ends with ‘Your faithfully’ or ‘Your truly’ (avoid use of your respectfully, “obediently”, etc).

1. Write a letter to M/s Best Publishers, 2557, Nai Sadak, Delhi-110006, returning the damaged books supplied by them supplied by them and asking them to supply you the new ones. You are Beena/Bipin of 265, Seepal  Junction, Main road, Pune Cantonment.


265, Seepal Junction,

Main road,

Pune  Cantonment.

M/s  Best Publishers,

2557, Nai Sadak,

Delhi – 110006.

12th October 20XX

Dear Sir,

Subject: supply of the damaged textbooks.

Yesterday evening I received the  books parcel sent to me by V.P.P. However, on opening the parcel I found that you have sent me all damaged books. These type of damaged books will not be accepted by me. I had ordered them vide my letter dated 11th October.

Therefore, I am returning them to you for replacement. I request you to send me the new and undamaged  books at your earliest.

Thanking  you

Yours truly.

Beena / Bipin.



1. To your younger brother, scolding him for neglecting his studies.

2. To the Commissioner of police, about the grants for an appointment as sub-inspector.