I.  Fill in the blanks :

1.  The Goa Panchayati Raj Act was passed in 1994.

2.  The number of Zilla panchayats in Goa is 30.

II.   Answer in one sentence :

1.  What is a Gram Sabha.
Ans :
The Gram Sabha consist of a body consisting of a persons registered in the electoral roll relating to village comprised within the area of panchayat at the village level.

2.  Why is supervisory committee formed by Gram Sabha.
Ans :
The supervisory committee is formed to supervise the panchyat works and other activities undertaken by the panchayat.

3.  What is the main function of BDO.
Ans :
The main function of the BDO is to monitor and supervise the administration of the village panchayat within the block and to assist the panchayat by providing  the required technical guidance .

III.   Write brief answers of the following:

1.  Mention the functions of the Zilla panchayat.
Ans :

(1) Overall supervision over panchayat co ordination among panchayats and integration of development scheme at district level .
(2) Preparing the plan for the development of the district ,Zilla panchayat .
(3) Specially take the responsibility of  construction and maintenance of district roads and construction and maintenance of  Higher secondary schools.

2.  State different taxes levied by the gram panchayat .
Ans :
The following taxes can be levied by the panchayat:
(1) Tax on building
(2) Tax on vehicles other than motor vehicles
(3) Tax on entertainment
(4) Lighting tax
(5) Tax on advertisement and hoardings
(6) Drainage and garbage tax .