Say whether the following are true or false.

  1. Ignesious lost his wife, two children, his father in law, and his brother in law in the tsunami.[ True]
  2. Sanjeev made it to safety after the tsunami. [False]
  3. Meghna was saved by a relief helicopter. [False]
  4. Alma’s father realized that a tsunami was going to hit the island. [True]
  5. Her mother and aunts were washed away with the tree that they were holding on to. [True]

 Answer the following in a phrase or sentence.

  1. Why did Tilly’s family come to Thailand.

Ans. Tilly’s family had come to Thailand to celebrate Christmas at beach resort during their vacation.

  1. What were the warning signs that both Tilly and her mother saw.

Ans. Tilly and her mother saw the sea slowly rise, and start to foam, bubbles and form whirlpools which they took as warning signs.

  1. Do you think Tilly’s mother was alarmed by them.

Ans. Yes, Tilly’s  mother was alarmed by the rising sea waves.

  1. Where had Tilly seen the sea behaving in the same strange fashion.

Ans. Tilly had seen the sea behaving in the same strange fashion in class in a video of tsunami that had hit the Hawai island in 1946.
Her geography, teacher had shown her class this video.

  1. Where did the Smith family and the others on the beach go to escape from the tsunami.

Ans. The Smith family and the others left the beach and went to the swimming pool at the hotel. The family took refuge in the third floor of the hotel.

  1. How do you think her geography teacher felt when he heard about what Tilly had done in Phuket.

Ans. On hearing how Tilly saved everyone from Tsunami in Phuket, her teacher must have felt proud of her as she used the knowledge of tsunami from the video seen in the class.

Answer using a phrase or a sentence.

  1. In the Tsunami150,000 people died. How many animals died.

Ans. Not many animals were reported dead.

  1. How many people and animals died in the Yala National Park.

Ans. Sixty people died in the Yala National park but no animals carcasses were found except that of two water buffaloes.

  1. What do people say about the elephant of Yala National Park.

Ans. People said that they had seen three elephants running away from the Patanangala beach an hour before the Tsunami hit the area.

  1. What did the dogs in Galle do.

Ans. The Sri Lankan gentleman who lived on the  coast near Galle said that his two dogs did not go for their daily run on the beach.

  1. When he felt the earthquake, do you think Ignesious was immediately worried about Tsunami. Give reasons for your answer which sentence in the text tells you that the Ignesious family did not have any time to discuss and plan their action after the tsunami struck.

Ans. No, Ignesious was not worried about tsunami. When his wife woke him up as she felt an earthquake, he carefully took his television set off its table and put it on the ground. But when the tsunami struck they did not have any time to discuss as the substance in the text tells us “ In the chaos and confusion two of his children caught hold of their mother’s father and mother’s brother and rushed in the opposite direction’.

  1. Which words in the list describe Sanjeev in your opinion.

Ans. The words that describe Sanjeev best are brave heroic and selfless.
(i) I don’t know if Sanjeev was cheerful, ambitious or brash.
(ii) I think that he was very brave, heroic and selfless.
(iii) Sanjeev was not heartless, careless or humorous.

  1. How are Meghna and Alma’s stories similar.

Ans. Meghna and Alma’s stories are quite similar. Meghna got swept away and she spent two days floating in the se, holding on to a wooden door.
A wave finally brought her to the shore. Alma on the other hand was washed away too. She found a log of wood floating. She had climbed on it and survived. So Meghna and Alma stories have something in common.

  1. What are the different ways in which Tilly’s parents could have reacted to her behavior. What would you have done if you were in their place.

Ans. Tilly could fore see that  tsunami had struck them. She screamed and got hysterical. Her parents understood that it is something serious. They took their daughter, away from the beach. But Tilly’s parents could have reacted differently by calming her daughter, they could have thought she’s just frightened. They took her seriously and were saved.
If I would have been in similar situation, I would have listened carefully to Tilly and listened to her about danger they were going to face.

  1. If Tilly’s award was to be shared, who do you think she should share it with – her parents as her geography teacher.

Ans. Tilly’s award should be shared with her geography teacher. But at the same time Tilly’s parents reposed faith in her learning and acted accordingly.
This also deserves appreciation.

  1. What are the two different ideas about why so few animals were killed in the tsunami. Which idea do you find more believable.

Ans. Very few animals were killed in the tsunami people believe that they have a sixth sense and know when the earth is going to shake. Experts believe that animals more acute hearing helps them to hear or feel earth’s vibration even before humans do, and so they move on to safer places.
Animals do have a better sense of hearing. They can sense disturbances and has low frequency sounds not within the capacity of humans.