1.   “ I’ll take the risk?” What is the risk Why does the narrator take it.
  The narrator saw huge storm clouds in the sky but he was keen to spend his holiday with his family. He wanted to have a good breakfast with them. The risk was to fly the aeroplane through those dark storm clouds. So he took the risk even though it was impossible to see anything outside the aeroplane.

2.   Describe the narrator’s experience as he flew the aeroplane into the storm.
   As the narrator entered the storm, his plane started jumping and twisting. He could not see anything outside the plane. When he looked at the compass and other instruments, they had also stopped to function, none of them were working. He tried the Paris Control but there was no answer. He could not see where he was. He was lost in the storm. It was a terrible experience for him. He was totally confused what to do.

3.    Why does the narrator say, “ I landed and was sorry to walk away from the old Dakota….”.
  After landing, the narrator was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota because he had a frightening experience flying that plane. The compass and the other instrunments had stopped working.In that huge storm even when there was little fuel in the tank he made it through with the help of the strange black aeroplane.

4.    What made the women in the control centre look at the narrator strangely.
   The narrator had asked the women at the control centre who the other pilot was. He wanted to thank him. But the woman stared at him as there was no other plane in the storm. She told him that; that evening, his was the only plane she saw on the radar. The women were confused about which aeroplane this man was talking about.

5.   Who do you think helped the narrator to reach safely. Discuss this among yourselves and give reasons for your answers.
Ans:    I think that some supernatural power helped the narrator to reach safely. There is our Creator who cares for us and guides us to safety.