1.  How do archaeologists know that cloth was used in the Harappan Civilization.
Ans : 
Actual pieces of cloth were found attached to the lid of a silver vase and some copper objects.Archaeologists have also found spindle whorls which were used to spin thread. This shows that people in the Harappan Civilization
used cloth.

2.  Match the columns:                                           

(a) Copper (1) Gujarat
(b) Gold (2) Afghanistan
(c) Tin (3) Rajasthan
(d) Precious stones (4) Karnataka

Answers :
(a) – (3)  ,   (b) – (4)  ,   (c) – (2)  ,   (d) – (1) .

3.  Why were metals, writings, the wheel, the plough important for
Ans :

Metals These were important for Harappans, because metals were used for making seals and ornaments. The gold, silver, bronze, tin lead and copper were the main metal.
Writings–They know the art of writing and their language was written in picture like sign called Pictograph.
Wheel–   Wheels are used for making carts. It was also used for designing Pottery.
Plough–   Plough was used for digging the earth for turning the soil and planting seeds.

4.  Make a list of all the terracotta toys shown in the lesson. Which do you think children would have enjoyed playing with the most.
Ans :
 Most of the terracotta toys are models of clay most probably the toys are models of some animals, bullock cart and a plough. Children would have enjoyed playing with these toys.

5.  Make a list of what the Harappans ate, and put a tick mark against the things you eat today.
Ans :
The following food items were eaten by Harappans:

       Eaten by Harappans       We eat
                (1) Wheat              √
                (2) Barley              √
                (3) Pulses              √
                (4) Rice              √
                (5) Peas              √
                (6) Lin seed              √
                (7) Sesame              √
                (8) Mustard              √
                (9) Fruits              √

6.  Do you think the life of farmers and herders who supplied food to the Harappan cities was different from that of the farmers and herders you read about in chapter 3. Give reasons for your answers.
Ans :  The life of farmers and herders who supplied food to the Harappan cities was different in the following ways :

(1) Irrigation – The Harappan irrigated their own fields by introducing   various methods of irrigation. Whereas earlier farmers and herders did not have access to irrigation facilities.

(2) Storage    –  The Harappan stored their grains in well-built granaries, Whereas the earlier farmers used clay pots and baskets for storage purpose.

(3) Tools       – The Harappans used tools like plough to dig the earth for  turning the soil and to plant the seeds but the earlier farmers did not have such tools.

(4) Residence  – Harappan farmers lived on the out skirts of cities whereas there were no settled cities in the times of farmers and herders.

7.  Describe three important buildings in your city or village. Are they located in a special part of settlement (e.g the centre).What are the activities that take place in these buildings.
Ans :
The answer to this question depends on the city / village you live in. Do it yourself with the help of your teacher.

8.  Are there any old buildings in your locality. Find out how old they are and who looks after them.
Ans : The answer to this question depends on the locality you live in. Take the help of your teacher to prepare the answer.