1. Who was Tipu Sultan. What happened to him.

Ans. Tipu Sultan was a far-seeing ruler of Mysore. He fought the British till he died fighting.

  1. why did ram mohan Roy go to England. What did he tell the British there.

Ans. Ram mohan roy went to England to see what made the British so powerful. There he told them that they (Indians)  accepted them as rulers and they must accept them (Indians) as subjects. He reminded them of the responsibility a ruler owed to his subjects.

  1. What did Macaulay suggest in 1835.

Ans. An Englishman Macaulay suggested that was Indians should be taught through the English language.

  1. What did Ram understand that was wrong with our country.

Ans. Ram Mohan Roy, a learned man from Bengal understood that Indians are capable of greater achievements. He felt the need to reform our society as things like superstitions were ruining them.

Complete the following sentences.

  1. Cows are of different colours, but the colour of their milk is the same.
  2. The British prospered on the company’s loot while Indian Industries began to die.
  3. Many landlords had lost their lands because of the British policies.